Why choose Write and Release?

Why choose Write and Release Publishing?

It’s never been more convenient to tell your story in the digital marketplace with the advent of e-readers, ebook merchants, and shifting shopping trends! If you decide to self-publish your book, you can pick from several well-known publishing houses. Even though well-known names like Kindle Direct Publishing, BookBaby, and Issuu may sound like the best options, Write and Release Publishing has so much more to offer authors. This includes the ease of having your print and ebook versions on the same platform,  a dedicated book coach who gives one-on-one publishing support, access to a large distribution network, and partnering with a knowledgeable team to support you as you work towards your publishing objectives. The best part about publishing with Write and Release is that authors can keep up to 100% of their book royalties with no additional fees. This may seem too good to be true, but our company exists to assist aspiring writers in becoming published authors while getting the most out of their books.

Complete Guidance and Support

Publishing a book can be an overwhelming process, particularly for first-time authors. Our team provides step-by-step guidance and support to authors so they can focus on their creativity without having to worry about the complexities of book publishing. A dedicated ‘Book Coach’ will provide one-on-one assistance and unlimited publishing consultations.

One-Stop Shop

What if you want to publish multiple ebooks? What if you also want your print books published? Write and Release Publishing is a one-stop shop for managing and publishing titles in ebook, print, or both formats. You don’t have to worry about establishing multiple contracts with different distributors or changing your format or layout to meet the needs of various retailers. Write and Release Publishing handles everything for you.

Experienced Publishing Experts

While self-publishing gives you independence, it can also be too much for one person to handle. Perhaps you are a first-time author, or you believe you lack the artistic ability to create the type of cover you desire for your book. In any case, the prospect of designing and formatting your book for digital sale can be intimidating.
Fortunately, Write and Release Publishing has a dedicated team to assist authors in bringing their ideas to life when publishing a book. We are proud of the diverse team we have put together to assist you. Write and Release has years of experience and a highly qualified team that will assist you with every aspect of your book. Ensures that your book meets the requirements of each retailer and can be read in a variety of book formats including paperback, hardback, and eBook.

Global Book Distribution

When you self-publish with Write and Release, you gain access to one of the publishing industry’s largest global print and ebook distribution networks, increasing your chances of selling your books.
Write and Release Publishing collaborates with the world’s largest book distributor, which teams up with other companies to make your title available worldwide. Write and Release distributes your book to over 40,000 online booksellers worldwide. When you publish through the majority of self-publishing companies, your readership is limited to that single retailer. For example, if you use KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing, your title will only be available through Amazon/Kindle. However, if you use Write and Release to publish your book, it will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple, Kobo Plus, OverDrive, and other global retailers. By choosing Write and Release, you can make your book available to a wide range of readers in countries all over the world!

     100% Net Royalties

You’ve successfully published a book. Then, what comes next? Book Royalties. One of the key components of publishing a book is the royalty structure. Here at Write and Release, the author keeps up to 100% of the profits. There are no hidden fees. As the author of the book, you get the most out of your hard work.

Don't compromise your book royalties and Don’t Limit Your Book’s Distribution.

The best part about Write and Release Publishing distribution is that you don’t have to put all of your eggs in one basket. You have access to an incredible amount of sales opportunities because Write and Release distributes to all of the major players worldwide.

Entering into exclusive deals with Amazon and others limit your distribution and the potential reach of your book. While Amazon accounts for a reasonably large portion of total book sales, it is not the entire market. We recommend not risking your book’s future by ignoring every other retail option, as this could result in a loss of potential sales.