Manuscript Evaluation Service

Write and Release offers a manuscript evaluation service using the talents of our expert editors, all of whom are professional book editors. It is a report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript and makes recommendations for improvement. The editor identifies the problems and suggests ways to address them.  This service helps authors who are wondering if their manuscript is ready or nearly ready for publication.

If you are one of those authors who think that their manuscript evaluation service needs polishing but not sure what or how to go about it. This manuscript evaluation service is a good start. Our book editors are highly experienced in the publishing industry and they are confident in giving strong and constructive feedback.


Some authors choose to skip professional book editing because of either of the following reasons:

(1) They have their friend or family members proofread their manuscript;

(2) Author thinks their writing is exceptional and does not require an editor’s input;

(3) Author are excited to publish the book; and/or

(4) Author is not open to the editing cost.

However, this ignores the great potential of professional editing to improve even already good writing. Even best-selling authors are open to having their manuscript edited. Remember best-selling author has an editor who does several things to improve what’s already written.

Below are the following editing services we provide:

Comprehensive Editing​

Comprehensive editing means one round of content editing and one round of copy editing.

Content Editing

This editing service examines all the elements of your manuscript. It looks at the quality of your manuscript and how it can be improved. This type of editing service is the most recommended service for most books. Why? Content editors play a deeper role in manuscript development. It focuses deeper into many more of the larger picture components of your manuscript. Our editors are the best in giving feedback that is thorough, and actionable to help your manuscript become the best possible version of itself.  Content editing service involves improvements of the content, pacing, and overall structure of your manuscript as well as fine-tuning the details.

Copy Editing

This editing service looks into grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and replaces weak words and phrases, and rewrites sentences for clarity with stronger alternatives or suggestions. This editing occurs after the content editing. Having said that, an editor will make corrections in punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure.


This service is the process of reviewing the final piece of writing after the final draft. Proofreading is a standard publishing industry process for authors who are particular about getting their books as close to perfect as possible. Proofreading is a final polish for quality assurance and it can’t be done without first purchasing an editing service. Proofreading takes place after editing. The goal of this service is to ensure that your manuscript is 99.99% free of errors. This is the final stage before files are converted into a print ready file.


Cover Design

Book cover design is one of the most important aspects of a book. This is the first thing your readers will see. As an author, your main goal is to grab the reader’s attention. Your book cover must provide enough communication and intrigue to let them know that your book is worth their time and attention.

Got a story to tell?

Interior Lay-out Design

This is the book’s interior lay-out. Our book designers handle all this for you. The main goal is to make sure that when readers open your book, they are greeted with an easy-to-read text, clear chapter formatting and clean lines.  Our book designers produce a print format that lines up with your expectation as the author of the book and the expectation of the readers of your book’s genre. Remember, if the interior of your book is poorly designed most readers won’t bother finishing it.

A professional book lay-out designer will incorporate design elements, and unique styles to make your book special.



An illustration is a visualization made by an artist, it can be a painting, drawing, or any other form of visual art. It is used to make the reader understand the context of a story.

As for children’s books, illustrations stimulate the readers’ imagination as it helps the readers comprehend ideas that are difficult to explain using written text. Illustrations provide young readers with an immediate vision of the characters, setting and mood of the story.

Each illustration is considered either a simple or complex illustration.

Check out our illustrator galleries and choose your dream illustrator!  



Book Distribution is the process of having your book available to the public. One of the benefits of using our distribution model to self-publish a book is the amount of retailer’s made available to our authors. When you self-publish with us, you have access to the largest global book distribution networks including access to over 40,000 booksellers worldwide which makes opportunities to sell your books to much greater audience.

How Does Write and Release Book Distribution Works?

When a customer wants to order your book from one of our online retailers (Amazon, Chapters, Barnes and Nobles and many more), the retailer will communicate the number of orders to our exclusive distributor, and the order prints, ships and arrives to the customer within a few days. This is a print-on-demand service.


Print-on-Demand service is our printing model that allows authors to sell their books to customers all over the world without having to fulfill orders on their own. You don’t need to invest in lots of printing copies to sell and distribute. With our distribution model, you will have access to an incredible number of opportunities to sell your book.

We offer variety of printing options for size, paper type, finish (matte vs. glossy), paper colour and weight. Publishing your book in paperback, hardcover and/or as an eBook.

eBook Distribution

 As for eBooks, our team of publishing professionals will convert your digital document in the highest quality and make it available electronically. Remember, there is an entire world of readers who have embraced e-readers using their laptops, tablets and smartphones. With eBooks, readers can bring their favourite titles with them wherever they go.

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