You’ve self-published a book but it is not moving or going anywhere. People aren’t aware of it. The book has no reviews, low rankings, and generates no sales at all.

Did you know that 300 million self-published books are sold each year, with a total annual sales value of $1.25 billion?

Amazon is still the world’s largest retailer of print books. The company controls the majority of the print book market, and the company’s market share is expected to grow more in the future.

According to a recent Kantar study, 51% of global surveyed book buyers are undecided on a title to buy when they begin shopping. Sixty percent of book buyers conduct online research – on Amazon and other websites – before making a purchase. It is beneficial for book publishers and authors to reach these customers on their path to purchase in order to increase the visibility and sales of your titles.

So the BIG question is: How do I get my books noticed on Amazon? 

The truth is that you can’t simply make your book available at the largest retailers and call it a day. A book marketing strategy is the key to your book’s success. Book marketing ensures that readers are aware of the author as well as the book.

With millions of new titles released each year, it’s critical to understand how to get your book noticed on Amazon so that it stands out from all others.

While Amazon is not the only platform for selling books, it is a good place to start, especially if you have a book that has already been self-published and is available on Amazon.  Good conversions begin with writing an excellent book and understanding how to market it on retailer websites. 

Book Ads Marketing Package - $4,999

The goal of this marketing package is to drive sales and increase your book’s visibility. It enables you to reach all types of book buyers at any stage of their purchasing journey, from awareness to sale. Promote your titles to reach readers who are looking for books like yours, whether they buy the book online or in a store.

Package includes:

  • Designing a Professional Book Cover 
  • Distribute Your Book in Multiple Formats (Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover) 
  • Extensive Keywords Research
  • Guaranteed 20+ Genuine and Positive Reader Reviews 
  • Create A+ Content Graphic Design
  • Launch Marketing Campaigns on Amazon and run it for 90 days 

We provide straightforward, cost-effective solutions to assist you in increasing book sales and reaching the hundreds of millions of active Amazon customer accounts worldwide.

Professional Book Cover 

Captivate a customer’s attention with a dazzling professional cover that entices them to click on your book.

Distribute Your Book in Multiple Formats (Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover) 

You can reach more readers, expand your distribution channels, and earn more by publishing your book in multiple formats. 

Some people prefer to read a digital book on their e-readers, while others prefer to read a physical book.

Extensive Keywords Research

With over 500,000 searches on Amazon each month, the book market is highly competitive. Finding the right and suitable keywords means giving your book a better chance of success.

The use of appropriate keywords and categories is critical to the success of your book. Your book will be more difficult to find if you use incorrect or poor keywords.
Although we cannot guarantee book sales, we can help you find keywords and categories that will increase your discoverability and potential sales.

Guaranteed 20+ Genuine and Positive Reader Reviews 

Getting your book reviewed is an important step in the book marketing process. Positive reviews convince readers that your book is worth their time, entice potential readers with plot descriptions, and provide you with instant credibility.


The greater the number of positive reviews an author receives, the more books he or she is likely to sell. Having a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, the world’s largest book retailer, for example, can mean the difference between a book’s success and failure. 

When an author receives 25 ratings on their book title, Amazon promotes that book in their searches. Authors rely on reviews to establish credibility and generate word-of-mouth marketing, while readers rely on reviews to decide whether or not to buy a book. The algorithms are updated every time your book is reviewed, and your book’s internal ranking rises.

Create A+ Content Graphic Design

Amazon A+ Content is one of the most effective methods for increasing conversion rates and customer trust. It may even help you get your book ranked higher on Amazon’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Launch Marketing Campaigns on Amazon and run it for 90 days 

We create ad campaigns and promote your book where readers buy books. With millions of new titles released each year, understanding how to get your book noticed on Amazon so that it stands out from all others is critical.

While Amazon is not the only platform for selling books, it is a good place to start, especially if you have a self-published book that is already available on Amazon.

One of the primary goals of our advertisements is to persuade or convince an audience to take a specific action. Often, that action is a purchase. Amazon advertising is an effective method of promoting your new book.

Other Marketing Services:

Author Website $600

Author branding starts with creating a website. A website will serve as your brand, and author platform. We will create a personalized website for you to share important details or aspects of your book with your readers, as well as engage them with images, videos, and other media. We will also direct them to where they can purchase your book. This is where people will come to learn more about you and your book, giving you an excellent opportunity to present yourself and your books in the best possible light and to brand yourself.

Websites can serve as a central hub for marketing your book as well as a valuable communication channel between you and your readers. The website is available for readers to visit whenever they want.

Check Author John-Philip S. da Rocha’s website- CLICK HERE

Google Indexing $399

Google indexing is a service that is offered to those who already have a website. When you have an author’s website, we offer Google indexing as a service. Being indexed by Google has numerous advantages, and they are the following: improved search engine rankings, increased web traffic, and higher conversion rates. All of these advantages are lost if your website is not indexed by Google. If Google cannot index your website, it will not appear in search results. We make sure that your website is indexed.

Blog Book Promotion $699

Blog book promotion on four (4) different blogs on different days. Each post will have a total reach of 70,000 or more people. This increases your exposure to your target audience and attracts new book buyers.

Promotional Materials $599

Promotional materials add a unique and creative flair to your book’s advertising campaigns. We’ll create ten (10) promotional materials to pique your reader’s interest. We create clear and high- quality promotional images for use in advertising campaigns.

Podcast Advertising $699

We will create a professional commercial and market your book on a successful online podcast that airs on iHeart Radio, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Tune in Radio, and many other platforms

Organic Book Marketing $899

One of the goals of this marketing is to promote your book to a large number of targeted readers. We will market your book organically to 3-8 million targeted readers.

Social Media Marketing $999

Facebook and Instagram are especially beneficial in helping authors make a name for themselves because they allow them to reach a large number of people in a short period of time.

We’ll promote your book on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on readers who are likely to buy it. We’ll also create catchy book mockups and other promotional materials for social media advertising.


TV Interview $2,499

We will promote your book on television. You will be featured on “The Spotlight Network” by our Emmy Award Winning Host. The interview will be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and The Spotlight Network Program.

You will also receive a copy of the video, which you can use for marketing purposes.

Our Emmy Award-Winning Host will conduct a fully produced TV interview with you about anything related to your book.

We collaborated with broadcasters from top TV stations and networks around the world, such as CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and others as well as featured on TV shows and movies.

Nothing boosts credibility more than being seen on television.