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Entrepreneur | author

Join Garcia on this odyssey through the realms of creativity and inspiration.

Meet Garcia Hanson-Francis, a distinguished individual whose contributions have not only been recognized but celebrated with utmost admiration. With a trail of accomplishments that define excellence, Garcia’s journey is one that inspires and uplifts.

Having earned the prestigious By Blacks People’s Choice Award three times over, she stands as a living embodiment of her accolades. Her proficiency in accounting has not only garnered recognition but has also showcased her as a luminary in her field. Moreover, her written expressions possess the profound ability to ignite inspiration in the hearts of many.

Yet, Garcia’s impact extends beyond professional spheres. The Waterfront People’s Choice Philanthropy Award graces her collection of honors, symbolizing her compassionate core and unswerving dedication to creating positive transformations in the lives of those around her.

Notably, Garcia’s literary journey has also left its mark. Having collaborated with Write and Release Publishing, she proudly presents her self-empowerment book titled, “Release Yourself Unleashing your Woman Warrior“—an exploration of her experiences and insights that promises to resonate with readers on a profound level.

Join us in celebrating her journey, which continues to light the way for others to follow.

About the book

Release Yourself Unleashing Your Warrior Woman

“Release Yourself: Unleashing Your Warrior Woman is a powerful movement towards self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment. Whether you’re navigating the turbulent waters of a breakup, confronting a challenging career setback, or simply seeking to unearth your true potential, this guide is your roadmap to personal growth and transformation.

Within these pages, Garcia invites you to join us on a profound journey of embracing adversity, nurturing self-worth, and ultimately, unleashing the warrior within. As you immerse yourself in the pages of “Release Yourself,” you will discover echoes of your own experiences, find solace in shared struggles, and, most importantly, uncover the wellspring of inner strength that has always resided within you.

author | actor

Step into the captivating world of John-Philip...

Not just content with captivating audiences on the silver screen, John-Philip has effortlessly stepped into the world of literature with his enthralling novel, “Shocking Call.” As an actor who knows how to command a stage and a writer who knows how to command your attention, John-Philip’s talents know no bounds.

Within the pages of his book, we encounter Simon—an accomplished artist leading an unassuming life, burdened by the ache of a parental void from years past. An unexpected and thunderous phone call dismantles his tranquility, fracturing the facade of his existence. The father figure he held onto, he discovers, is not bound by shared blood. From the obscurity emerges a biological father, alive and tangible, ushering in a transformative surge of upheaval. And that’s not all—brace yourselves for the highly anticipated second edition of “The Shocking Call.”

Building upon the triumph of the first edition, this second edition promises an even more enthralling journey, amplified suspense, and a deeper immersion into John-Philip’s artistic vision.

About the book

A Shocking Call -Second Edition

Special Education TeacheR | author

In the world of education, Audra DeRidder stands as a guiding light...

Audra DeRidder brings a wealth of experience to her role today, where she nurtures young minds in the intricate realms of 5th-grade Mathematics and Science.

But what truly sets Audra apart is her profound source of inspiration for her book. Her own childhood experiences, grappling with undiagnosed ADHD, especially as a young girl navigating these unique challenges, have ignited a passion within her. Audra has observed countless students wrestling with the same hurdles she faced.

In a world where she often felt “too much“—too loud, too bossy, too overbearing, or too emotional—Audra’s journey has led her to explore how societal expectations shape our self-perceptions. Her book, “I’m Just Too Much” promises to shed light on these struggles, offering insights and empathy born from her own remarkable journey.

About the book

I'm Just Too Much

Audra’s heartfelt mission with this book is clear: to instill in children the empowering message that they are inherently worthy of love, just as they are. In a world often crowded with messages urging conformity, this book emerges as a powerful testament to the beauty of individuality.

“I’m Just Too Much” takes children on a captivating exploration of self-discovery and acceptance. Audra’s inspiration stems from real-life experiences, drawing from personal observations of students to create scenes that resonate with authenticity.

This book is more than just a story—it’s a blueprint for understanding the complexities of acceptance in a way that is accessible to young minds. It provides a safe space for children to explore their feelings, fears, and hopes, all while reinforcing the reassuring notion that they don’t need to change themselves to be liked or loved.

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