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"I'm so grateful to have worked with a publishing company like Write and Release Publishing for the first time. It was a wonderful experience and a pleasure to work with them"

Mark Gibson

Author of the book, " No Name Creek, Another Christmas Story"

"I had an awesome experience working with Write and Release Publishing. My book coach was great to work with. I knew I could ask anything, and would answer any questions I had along the way. This was a great process."

Kristina Spieker

Author of the book, "The Real Three Little Pigs-as told by the big (not bad) wolf"

"Thank you Write and Release Publishing for working with me on our faith-based children’s book. It was a pleasure working with you and I am so grateful God has given me the opportunity to exercise my faith. I hope it will bless children everywhere."

Sonia Johnson

Author of the book, "Fruits of the Holy Spirit"


"I am very pleased with the service provided by Write and Release Publishing."

John-Philip S da Rocha

Author of the book, "A Shocking Call"

"The whole team of Write and Release Publishing have done a fantastic job on my book. They have always treated me with respect and honor. They did a really good job especially the designer of my book. I'm very pleased, thank you very much. I plan on staying with you for a long time because you have treated me very well. Thank you so much!"

David Sugars

Author of the book, "Poems of Love"